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Testimonials from residents past and present

"It is very nice around here, no trouble, no drunken louts chucking beer bottles in gardens"

"It is so convenient here, you've got everything, you've got the schools, churches, buses and the train station at the bottom"

"Everyone knows everyone and we all look out for each other"

Pearl Clark (a Neighbourhood Watch Representative)


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I was born at 32 Manor Road November 21st 1962 as deep snow lay settled on the ground in the coldest and longest winter for many years.

To cherish the memory of Grandpa Groves plans went ahead to build Benjamin Close. My father and I spent every working day of the summer holidays on site, unloading pallets etc to get the houses built. It was there in a cavity of one of the garage walls that I hid a time capsule consisting of a photograph, a small toy and a note to the finder, with the intention of planting more memories within the estate that means so much to my mother and father, Maureen, Julian and myself.

From 15-17 years Julian and I shared a house at 28 Manor Road, friends would call on route and we'd walk to our secondary school which closed at 3.30pm. From 4pm-8pm I would work at the Wimpy to pay for the forever hungry coin operated gas and electricity meters.

After finishing my education I moved to 44 Knoll Crescent. This is where I began married life and brought both Samuel and Emily into the world. All of us enjoyed the peaceful location and made life-long friends attending church, toddler and pre-school groups

Sarah Johnson (grand-daughter of Ben Groves)


I am the only occupant this house has ever had. 

What changes have there been - "There used to be allotments and fields opposite, no buildings. We used to keep chickens and rabbits.", "all of my friends have passed on"  "You used to be able to see ships"

Where you here during the war - "I've been here since 1935.  My neighbour's husband was in the air force, he died in a collision in the air.  We had a gate in the garden and she used to come in when there was an air raid and we all sheltered in here.  I have a photo of children partying at the end of the war.

I want to stay here forever.

Mrs. Birchill - one of the first occupants on the estate


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